Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I’ve been doing lately

I hate to post another one of those posts, but here it is: Sorry for not posting lately. There are several things that are commanding my attention:

1. Electrical disaster – many of our electrical items were fried by a power surge. Luckily, the power company took responsibility for it, and they replaced and/or fixed all of them. Among the carnage: One TV, three digital clocks, our doorbell, our oven, hubby's shop light, the computer (under warranty, but data retrieval paid for), the computer speakers, the modem, our phone, our stereo…and I forget what else. It was just CRAZY. I'm just glad the madness is over.

2. I'm going to college for Library Science (Library Technician) starting this summer, but my situation has several unique qualities that have to be addressed. First and foremost, this is through the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program – so it's papered to the hilt. I have to have paper for each step. Second, the program starts in the fall, and I want to get some of the harder courses that I wouldn't DREAM of taking online taken in a classroom at my local Community College. Third, I have to coordinate through both colleges to get this all done – and it's not as easy as it sounds. It's taken me almost two weeks to start my Education Plan – something I need to have done by the next couple weeks, or getting in to see an advisor is going to be a nightmare., because registration for the Summer quarter starts soon, and everyone needs to have an advisor sign off on their course selections. Nothing says "fun" like a looming deadline, huh?

3. My grandpa has cancer. I know – crap. But that's all the bad news. They caught it early, and they're starting treatment immediately, so his chances are great. He also seems to be taking the news well.

And concerning arts and crafts goodness (what you come here for, dontcha know!):

4. I'm preparing an attempt to launch my own brand spankin' new etsy store, where I will sell my creations to you, the adoring fans!

Oh, and there will be posts relevant to arts and crafts coming up next month. I've done stuff; I just have to get around to taking and uploading pictures! Thank you so much for hanging in there with me – I love you guys!