Friday, April 16, 2010

Rooster Tail Fishing Lure

Looks like my fiber art kick has run itself out! I'm starting to become more interested in fine art matter how long I stay away, eventually the pencils, paints, and canvas start calling my name. I couldn't resist drawing is a fishing lure that never made it out to my tackle box, and has been sitting on my bookshelf for a few months:

Rooster Tail Fishing Lure by ~audreydc1983 on deviantART

Next time, I think that I'll set the pad of paper up and just take a picture - for some reason, the scan came out with a yellow tinge, and the paper isn't like that - maybe it's just a scanner goof/glitch. I may just add it to this post as an update later on.
Subject: Worden's Rooster Tail fishing lure
Medium: Mirado Black Warrior Pencil and Strathmore Drawing paper
This drawing is copyright 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Tulips!

Spring Tulips by ~audreydc1983 on deviantART

My husband got me some beautiful tulips, and I decided to celebrate the beauty of spring by doing my first oil pastel work in YEARS.

Turned out a lot better than I thought. I'm a little bit rusty, but my use of color hasn't suffered a bit. Enjoy!

Black Mesh Bookmark

Black Bookmark by ~audreydc1983 on deviantART

Isn't this pretty? :D
I got the pattern at the Crochetville Forums, care of Crochet Pattern Central.
It looks somewhat like the original pattern picture, but keep in mind that it hasn't been stiffened, blocked, and stuck between the pages of a book yet. :)
With the gold border, this one is truly beautiful, but I'll probably refuse to do any more bookmark patterns with the gold thread - it twisted up quite a bit, and was REALLY hard to work with.

This was done exactly as the pattern says, with a size 7 steel hook and size 10 crochet thread.


Filet Crochet Happiness

What Would Thor Do? by ~audreydc1983 on deviantART

These are two bookmarks that ask the eternal question: What Would Thor Do?
I did both of these from the same filet crochet pattern, which I designed myself. The only difference between the two is that I had to add two rows to the "openwork" one to allow for a border.
This also clearly illustrates the difference between openwork and closed-work filet crochet.
I like the openwork one better. It's lacier and looks more "free".
I did these with a #7 steel hook and size 10 crochet thread. They are quite large - perhaps I'll acquire some tatting thread (size 30) in the future, and see if I can scale them down a bit.
All I have to do is spray with fabric stiffener and block. My favorite part of crochet :P

I may post the pattern in the future. Stay Tuned!