Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Odin Wants YOU for Valhalla!

This painting is one that I did on a lark - it was just an idea that wouldn't go away, not until I painted it out of my head. This one sold almost immediately, and I've had requests for posters to be made.

In due time!

Blessings of Odin,



  1. Awesome! This is just epic.

    And remember:

    Sword in my hand,
    Axe on my side.
    Valhall awaits me,
    Soon I will die.
    Bear skin on my back,
    Wolf jaw on my head.
    Valhall awaits me
    when I'm dead.
    \m/ \m/
    (Valhalla waits me by Amon Amarth)

    Greetings from a son of Oden^^

  2. I might alter this slightly, to make it more uniform and crisp, and see if I can get posters made through CafePress or Zazzle. I think people will LOVE them.
    Rock on, son of Oden. Rock on! \m/\m/