Friday, July 3, 2009

Oð Poem

Oð is a Norse God, the husband of Freya. It is said that he traveled far away, and Freya searches for him among the 9 worlds, weeping tears of gold and/or amber. They have a daughter, named Hnossa, and she is so beautiful that her name is used as a word for extremely valuable treasure. I believe that Oð is the god of travel. Here is a poem I wrote for/about him.

All of us are searching for something.
Our purpose.
Some of us are lucky, and stumble upon our purpose early in life.
I think that these people are rare.
Some of us live on the fringes of our purpose.
We live happy lives, but never reach our full potential.
Some find our purpose late in life, and attack it with gusto,
Throwing caution to the wind.
And still, more of us never find what we are looking for.
If you are of the last group you have two choices:
You can become bitter, because you never found your purpose,
Or you can feel blessed.
You can take joy in the fact that you had the opportunity to take this journey.

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