Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crochet Towel Topper - FREE Pattern!

I've done this pattern many times, without need for an actual pattern. But here it is, free to you, out of the goodness of my heart. Do you feel warm and fuzzy yet? Because you should. :D

Towel Topper
By Audrey D. Custer-Coleman

Materials (makes 2):
H crochet hook
Cotton or acrylic worsted weight yarn
Yarn needle
1 kitchen towel, cut in half width-wise
Large button ( ¾” to 1”)

Leather punch
Iron-on hem (to hem towel w/o sewing)
Sewing supplies (to sew hem, if needed)

Cut kitchen towel in half width-wise. Hem by sewing, or with iron-on hem if needed. If you don’t know whether to hem it or not, just go ahead and do it – it’s better to be safe than sorry! (I know this from experience – the towel pulling apart when you’re trying to crochet along the edge is NOT fun or convenient!)
With leather punch or scissors, punch an odd number of holes across the width of the towel about ¼” from edge (on a hemmed edge is most stable and much less likely for fabric to unravel.)

Row 1: SC foundation through holes in towel. Ch3, Turn.
Rows 2-4: DC in ea st to end. Ch 3, turn.
Row 5: DC in first st. *1DC, SK1, 1DC*. Repeat from *to* until end is reached. Ch3, Turn.
Row 6: DC in ea DC to end. Ch3, Turn.
Rows 7-10: Repeat rows 5-6 twice more.
Rows 11-16: (strap) DC in ea DC to end. Ch 5, Turn.
For button hole: sl st in turning ch3 to make a loop. Turn. Sc5 over ch 5 loop. Fasten off and weave in ends with a yarn needle.
Add button: sew button to the base of strap, in the middle of Row 9. Secure button. Weave in yarn ends.
Enjoy your towel topper, or give as a gift!

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