Monday, February 7, 2011

The Earflap Hat + Book Review

I know I haven't posted in about three weeks - and I'd like to apologize. My husband and I have been busy with the house, there's a housewarming party this Saturday, I have a dentist appointment and a VA appointment in the same week - and I need new glasses. Next week, we have to get our taxes done. It is a little more expensive to heat the house than we thought it would be, but we planned for that - and although money is a little tighter, I wouldn't trade my drafty house for a drafty apartment! lol! I'm glad we have money saved for renovations!
Well, on a more positive note, I would love to show off my new creation:

hat ear-flap ear flap

The chunky ear-flap hat! It's based on a design by Ann Regis (called 'The Cap' in the book CrochetWear). I had to alter it, because almost ALL the designs in this book, even the hats, were TOO SMALL for me. If your head is bigger than 20", or, you're larger than an off-the-rack medium, I wouldn't get this book, or even borrow it from the library. Although, I guess the 'Wraps' portion of the book might be more versatile. For a last gripe about this book: the pictures of the models had me scratching my head...are they imitating hipsters, or are they just dressed badly? If that's what passes for fashion now....count me out.

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