Friday, January 14, 2011

Special Olympics Scarf Project

In the New Year, I have resolved to give more charitably, whether through monetary means, or through donation of goods/services. By chance, I received my regular Crochet newsletter, and the USA Special Olympics Scarf Project was featured.
I decided to crochet a scarf, but had a hard time finding both colors of yarn. I was quite desperate, when I turned to a place that I never shop, Wal-mart. It turns out that they did have the color...and I could finally start my project, after bouncing around town to 4 stores.

Here is the finished product:


And the pattern, if you find yourself so inclined to crochet or knit one of your own to donate:

I hope everyone is having a terrific New Year so far!

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  1. So not to totally go off topic on your post (which is a really awesome project by the way) but I just saw your comment on Two Whole Cakes. I live in Vancouver, WA too! I just had to say "Hi" because I never come across people who actually live on this side of the river and are tuned in to social justice. Yay! Sorry I didn't just email this, I didn't see a contact for you. Ok, thanks!