Monday, December 27, 2010

Melting Snowman Amigurumi

I was looking for something to make a friend of mine for a Holiday gift - because I like handmade things, she likes handmade things...and, well, I'm cheap. I just bought a house and I need money for the improvements - give me a darn break, already!

When I found the pattern for this project, I really loved it - and I thought she would get a kick out of it, too. There is a story behind this gift, though, and you'll have to live through the story before I'll allow you to see the awesome amigurumi that I made :

My friend is 81 years old. She lives in a 55+ community, and every year, they have a craft/hobby fair. She bought a badly made snowman from a lady because she felt sorry for her. The snowman had a WHITE scarf (really - a white scarf on a snowman), and it's arms were jutting haphazardly out of it's hips. Needless to say, this poor snowman looked like he suffered an industrial accident. So - her and a mutual friend of ours, Sarah, went to JoAnn's Craft and Fabric store, and picked out a bunch of decorative stuff to hopefully fix the train wreck that was this poor snowman.

It didn't work. It's an inside joke now, something to poke fun and laugh at - that silly deformed snowman. So - in honor of that poor, deformed snowman, I made this:


It's a melted snowman!

I found the pattern here, at Fun and Fang, if you would like to pick up your hook and make one of your own.

Hope you're all doing well, having a great holiday season - and staying warm!

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