Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fan Light Pull

A few days ago, my husband expressed frustration when trying to find the light pull on a fan in our house. As you may know, this house is new to us - but it was built in 1972, and has changed a few hands over the years. The previous owners weren't too handy around the house...they half-assed repair jobs, and they sure as heck didn't leave us anything they didn't have to. The light and fan pulls are both short - so they're pretty hard to find in the dark.
So, I came up with this solution, after sifting through my art stuff for about 15 minutes:
Fan Light Pull Cord
I've had the green pendant for a while now - I suspect I found it on one of our family's yard-sale excursions when I was a teenager. I got the fake pearls at our local JoAnn's Crafts store. I attached the pendant to a length of craft wire, then threaded on the beads. I weaved the craft wire around the existing fan light pull, and VOILA! A new, sexy fan light pull. Well, maybe not sexy, but it is pretty stinkin' cool, if I do say so myself. :)

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