Monday, December 20, 2010

Homeless Hat

While moving, I found a few hats that I made that I seldom (if ever) wear. I decided to give them to a homeless ministry, and started to look around for one...unfortunately, I was unable to find one in my area, but I did contact Clark County, Washington's Council for the Homeless for information. I was kindly referred to the Friends of the Carpenter, a homeless ministry that is, in short, amazing. They have a large wood shop, and teach the local homeless how to use the equipment to make beautiful, mostly religious themed items. If you're interested, their Product Catalog is here.

Now, in addition to the hats that I found, I decided to make a special hat, specifically to give away to the homeless. Here's the hat:



Feel free to flatter the beautiful model with compliments. :D

I decided that every time I do an "experiment" or practice another crochet skill, that I make a large swatch of it, and make it into a hat. This one was done in rounds, though, with no seam. Here, I was practicing crochet ribbing, and it turned out so well that I was just a little bit sad that I had to give it away.

I hope it will make someone very happy - and very warm - this holiday season.

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