Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black Cotton Small Drawstring Bag

Since I seem to have found a good pattern that I like, I have decided to try and crochet the pattern in different yarn materials, to see the effects. I've been quite impressed with cotton in the past, so I decided to see how this pattern would look in cotton:

Black Drawstring Bag

The cotton bag is softer to the touch than the acrylic bag - I would expect it to fade much more quickly, and there is the added drawback of the material decaying (if kept moist for too long) or badly fraying after rough handling. regardless, it is a relatively durable, stylish little bag made out of premium natural material.
Since this yarn costs more, and comes in smaller skeins to boot, I'll have to add $2.00 to the finished price of one of these, compared to the acrylic ones. Cotton yarn isn't cheap.

Thanks all, for your interest in my future store!


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