Saturday, May 14, 2011

Small Purse Bag

This little "purse bag" was something that came to me when I was brainstorming for more imaginative items for my upcoming store:


As expected, the more jewelry findings, clasps, fringe and decorative beads I have to use, the more it will cost. But these little bags will probably sell around $6-$10...that won't even *bend* a budget, much less break it.

In the future, once I have the patterns perfected, I'll start to offer bags made using tapestry crochet.
I've also thought about making some more of those terrific, horrific, eyeball key chains, and offering those for sale as well. In case you've forgotten what they look like:

The eyeballs will probably go for about $10 each, because they're *really* time-consuming. All of those little veins on the surface of the eyeball have to be hand-embroidered!

I have been thinking about stopping the practice of importing these posts as notes on Facebook - because all the comments and/or discussion usually end up on Facebook - not here on blogger, where the most value could be gleaned from it. You don't even need to sign up with blogger to leave a comment.

Thanks, you guys, for reading - please feel free to comment on what you'd like to see in the store!

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  1. Eye like, eye like.... (Sorry, I can't always be a brilliant copywriter. Ok, almost never...)