Friday, February 21, 2014

Pumpkins Galore - 2013 Edition

 Last Halloween, I carved four wonderful pumpkins and managed to recover pictures of three. Sadly, I dropped my camera on concrete and it ate my pictures, so I had to take new ones in haste before the pumpkins got all soft and icky (they tend to do that in Washington state, since it's pretty wet and somewhat warm in the fall).

Without further ado, my terrific pumpkins!

Here's one of my favorite Tolkien character, Gandalf. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I acquired the picture used to make the stencil, but I've included it for anyone who would like to make their own. If anyone can find it or knows who the artist of this vector drawing is, please let me know - I'd love to give them credit.

Gandalf pumpkin

Vector drawing of Gandalf

The Klingon Imperial Emblem can be found with a simple Google Image search. I decided to do a shaved effect with my Dremel tool, which came out fabulously!

Klingon Imperial Emblem pumpkin

and last but not least, an attack pumpkin. This photo was taken after we had the "DANGER: CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS" tape that was lining our driveway removed, so you're not getting the full effect. Part of the leg was hanging out into the driveway, as if the pumpkin snagged an unlucky trick-or-treater as they passed. We dressed up one of our prop Halloween severed legs, stuffed the end of a pants leg in the pumpkin's mouth, then gave it a liberal spattering of blood (which the misty rain quickly washed away). The spilled candy bucket was a nice touch!

Attack pumpkin!!!

I hope you enjoyed my pumpkins. I'm planning next year's carvings - feel free to drop me some ideas in the comments!

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