Friday, October 16, 2009

A moon for Gwen

I designed a tattoo for a friend of mine. She said that she wanted celtic knotwork, a moon, and some stars. May I ask....Can one be MORE vague?!! This is the third version, and one that she absolutely LOVES! I am soooooo proud, that someone (or, another person-my brother has a tattoo that I designed) has decided to get something that I have drawn tattooed ON THEIR BODY. It's like...a living billboard, saying "Hey-look at what Audrey can do!!!"

A Moon for Gwen - Revisited by ~audreydc1983 on deviantART

I got the idea to put the stars INSIDE the moon, and it felt like genius. I remembered some stained glass stars that I had seen, and I wanted to copy that style of star. The celtic knotwork seemed to take an eternity to finish, but as you can see, the result is VERY satisfying. I am quite sorry about the (c) in the middle, but I worked hard on this one. I am very proud of it, and I want to protect it.

Medium is pencil on paper.

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