Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mounted Thor Sampler

I just mounted the Thor sampler. Take a gander!

mounted thor sampler bless this home hearts

I am planning on having this auctioned off at the Althing. Just because I'm not going doesn't mean that I can't contribute to the cause!
I have no mounting kit, so I did the best I could, with a T-square and a piece of blue construction paper. It looks long as the one looking at it doesn't scrutinize it too much. This would look great on a heathen's wall - I'm sure that it will be given a good home.
I am mounting the Thor's Hammer cross stitch as well. Hopefully it will need no matting to make it look great, and fill in the gaps. I had to choose an odd frame for the 'Thor Bless This Home' cross stitch, because it was mighty hard to find a square picture frame that small. I got both frames at goodwill; this one was $0.99.


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