Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fabric Yarn Hobo Bag

Jean Hobo Bag by ~audreydc1983 on deviantART

This hobo bag was adapted from the pattern in this terrific book:

Kooky Crochet
by Linda Kopp

If you're a crocheter, then you need this book in your crochet pattern library.

So - how did I alter it? The pattern in the book was done with polypropylene monofilament support webbing (or, silver duct support strap). With mine, I cut up pairs of old jeans into strips and joined them together, like so: Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs

I wound them into a (VERY HEAVY!) ball and waited for the perfect project to come around.
This is a simple pattern, made up of only slip stitches, single crochet, and double crochet.
I used a size Q plastic crochet hook. I also didn't make the bag as deep as the pattern said - I think I shaved off 3 rounds.

I imagine that it would also look cool crocheted with 3 strands of yarn instead(adding a strand of eyelash yarn would look really groovy too!)
I think I'll save this pattern and attempt it again in the future with different materials. This is a great pattern for a beginner to try out their new skills!

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