Friday, July 16, 2010

A Gift Basket for the newlyweds!

Here is a gift basket that I put together for a couple of my friends, Dan and Brianne, who've just gotten married and moved into their first apartment. Unfortunately, they live 2 hours away, and have yet to receive it, but I made sure that anything in the basket would be welcomed as a duplicate. We could all have used a backup set of measuring spoons/cups at one time in our lives, right?!

Photobucket beautiful! This basket includes my homemade towel toppers, some homemade strawberry jam, a couple of coffee cups, spatulas, an oven mitt, chip clips, and other assorted kitchen goodies. Black and red are the colors that Bree said she would like in her kitchen, and I tried to get as many things in black and red as I could. Honestly, I think I should get bonus points for stuff I found that is both black AND red. :D

Both of them are terrific friends...I wish them a happy, love-filled marriage. They bring out the best in one another. *glass clink* CHEERS!

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