Monday, September 13, 2010

Eyeball Key Chain

Here is my prototype for the eyeball keychain:


I've had only one problem with it - when the yarn gets caught in the narrow portion of the keyring (where things are taken off and put on) it refuses to make it's way back onto the keyring proper. I've decided to see if I can fix this problem with what jeweler's call "jump rings", metal rings that are used as an attachment (among other things):

If I have any luck with the jump rings (when I actually go out and GET them...I've been putting it off), I'll definitely post an update.
I'm kind of at a loss what to do with this...keep it and display as a prototype? Give to a friend? Give to my ophthalmologist as a wacky gift? Keep it as my own keyring?
One thing is for sure - I'm gonna be making a few more of these bad boys. And I might even sell them on Etsy, once I get my s#$% together and find out a name for my little venture. Then I can actually create an account, and start business. JOY!

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