Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cross Stitch Skull and Crossbones!

For my birthday, I went to the craft store, and blew the $30 that my grandparents gave me on crafty crap.
Among the craft items was this terrific, blank, black tote bag...that I could decorate HOWEVER I WANT. WooHoo!
So, I cross-stitched this super awesome skull and crossbones onto it:


I got the pattern for this at
I had a few problems in the beginning stages - mainly, with the waste canvas, which doesn't seem as easy to use as the package (and many cross-stitching websites) would lead you to believe. The combined thickness of the fabric and the waste canvas, as well as the inflexibility of the canvas itself, led to the impossibility of getting the fabric + waste canvas stretched over the damn hoop to make it easier to work with.
I ended up abandoning the hoop and the waste canvas, and went for my 14 aida. It was easy enough to apply, the stitches look uniform - and when finished, it actually LOOKS like the pattern. Unfortunately, it was a bitch to remove out from under the stitches. I'll make sure to attempt the waste canvas again - although, I'll definitely have to plan better.

A little off the subject...
I really can't figure out what to do with this tote bag. I have a couple ideas:
1. Run with the pirate theme, as I love pirates, and they are awesome and stuff,
2. Make it an 'Audrey Awesome' tote bag, covered in everything that I love: frogs, Folk Art Hearts, Happy faces, crochet patches/pockets, Peace signs, know - all the stuff that makes me ME.
OR (this just occurred to me)
3. Make a theme on either side (e.g. frogs on one side, pirates on the other)

I love themes, and I'm willing to run with one - but an amalgam of the awesome things that I ♥LOVE♥ really brings out the artist in me!

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