Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crochet Eyeball!

Hey, all of my fabulously morbid friends! Check this out:

Crochet Eyeball by ~audreydc1983 on deviantART

I used the skills I learned at this crochet ball tutorial as a good basis for my "eyeball".
I had to shorten the number of initial stitches in the round, though. I started off with black, Fastened off, then switched to blue, then fastened off, then switched to white - then I fastened off, about 3 rows from the end of the "ball" I separated the strands of some red yarn and embroidered the "veins" on the white of the eye. I then stuffed it a little with poly-fil, and attached the red yarn. I finished the "ball", and then did a couple decreases to close up the remaining hole...then I made a chain of the appropriate length for the "optic nerve."
Cool, huh? I've been thinking of making a loop in the optic nerve, and attaching it to a key chain ring - these might sell like hotcakes, especially to my morbid friends! :D
I've also been thinking about doing other versions - different colors, different sizes, even different styles: what would you think of one with an elliptical pupil, like a cat's eye?! Cool to think about! But harder to plan... I might just have to cut the elliptical pupil out of felt and attach it when I'm done (or I could just embroider it...ugh).
Hope you get as much a kick out of this as my hubby did: "Don't throw that thing at me! It looks too real!!!" HAHAHA!!!

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