Monday, October 4, 2010

A glimpse of what is to come...Oct 2010

I've decided that the first post per month should be a "What is to come" post, cataloging my goals and future projects. I know that I jumped the gun and already posted this month; I was just so excited about my drawing that I had to post it right away...I just blame it on "artistic temperament".
Please note that the numbers don't indicate that any one project is more important than another, or is in an organized queue of any sort. That's just not how I roll. :D

In the works:
1. House-warming gifts for Meg and Jessica
2. Gift for Mika
3. Gift for Jeff (my brother-in-law)
4. Granny square blanket
5. Skull and crossbones crochet purse
5. More "hand tools" drawings

My to-do list:
1. Pumpkin Amigurumis
2. Crocheted Autumn leaves
3. Earflap hat for Terry
4. Crochet socks
5. Frog Amigurumi
6. Birth announcement for niece

Random Ideas: (I'm taking from my last 'Glimpse' post - I love some of these ideas, and fully intend on making good on them!)
1. Hammer cozy
2. Small BBQ cozy (our apartment thinks that Charcoal BBQ's are the devil, so I'd like to crochet a cozy to make it more covert)
3. Random street art, to get my 'Crochet Valkyrie' blog up and running again
4. Cross-stitch Buddhism stuff - 4 Noble truths, 5 precepts, 8 fold path
5. Havamal samplers
6. More sushi sets, to sell on Etsy, or wherever I feel like it.
7. Do a felting project!

If there is anything that you'd like to see here, feel free to leave a comment.

There is something terrific that has recently happened in my family, and which may influence my artwork in the future: my long-lost half-brother has found us! He was a surrogate birth, in what was intended to be an anonymous adoption. Well - he found us, and is thrilled that he has a whole other family...and siblings his age!

It's great, feeling the "big sister pride" again. Not that I'd lost it - but this certainly shoves it into the spotlight!

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