Friday, October 1, 2010

Tools - A Still Life Series #1

I was watching an episode of American Chopper: Season 2 on Netflix yesterday, and got a great idea: tools would make terrific still life subjects!
To be a still life subject:

1. You have to be an inanimate object
2. (I guess there's only one rule to being a good still life subject. Moving on.)

Here's my first subject: A pair of NAPA pliers:


I was really excited to watch this drawing progress. Tools and machinery aren't my strong suit, and in the beginning in the year, I proposed that I hone my poor skills in this area. Only, if you're not great at something and you know it, you tend to shy away from doing it - so, unfortunately, my "focus" had been dropped for most of the year.
As with the fishing lure series, I was thinking of making this a set of drawings (probably 5), with matching frames; the emphasis being to (hopefully) sell them on etsy, if I ever do get my store off the ground.
Definitely going to be in the series? A screwdriver, ratchet, and possibly a few drill bits. I'll have to take my husband to the garage for him to show me what he *thinks* would be a good tool to draw.

Stay tuned for #2 - or whatever other wacky idea manages to stick in my brain!

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